Polaris Slingshot Review
on Things to Know When

Polaris Slingshot Review
on Things to Know When Driving

You must know how to drive manual transmission proficiently. All Polaris slingshots are manual transmissions, although we will have automatic transmissions by the summer 2016 we do not have any yet.

Yes, you have guessed it, the Polaris Slingshot comes with quite a bit of horsepower under that hood. Make sure you are VERY careful making fast turns, the tail of the beast will slide out on you and easily make you loose control, although highly fun to drive, that single tire on the back brings a lot of potential risk with it.

Just Enjoy it. Relax. and be responsible with it. Remember more people stare while you drive slow.

Insert key and turn forward to on position and then simultaneously press down clutch and brake pedals. The vehicle will take about 5 seconds to boot-up and will show on the dashboard. Once booted up, in the center dash below radio you will find a red start button. Push down button for several seconds until the engine starts.

• Adjust side mirrors to minimize blind spots and optimize your vision.

At the time of parking, the slingshot MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS USE EMERGENCY BRAKE. Place in first gear for added safety.

You must first turn on your bluetooth on your cell phone or electronic device. Afterwards hold and press the mode button on the slingshot radio. Afterwards, cycle through by pressing mode until getting to “driver device”. Now press preset and follow the directions prompted on the screen. after accepting code and access on your phone. The bluetooth will be completely set up.

Anyways with our superior service we make sure the slingshot team leaves your phone set up if desired when we arrive to leave you the slingshot rental.

There are three compartments for storage. Two located behind both seats (where DOT helmets fit and can be placed) opened with the engine key for extra security.

Also, there is a glove compartment located on the passenger side, where you will find registration and USB port. This compartment will also open and lock with engine key.

The engine requires 91 Octane fuel when re-fueling slingshot. If not slingshot will shut off and engine will acquire serious damage. To fuel, remove gas cap that is located on the rear left of the vehicle and pump gas slowly as it will not stop pumping once it is full. In a case that you run out of gasoline, we will go out and refuel you for a $100 charge. Subsequently, if returned at a lower fuel level then when picked up, unless stated on a promotion a $40 fuel fee will be charged.

A $75 dollar fee will be charged for a lost key plus a $100 rescue fee to take you a replacement to your location.

Turn signal engages by pressing down or up, but will stay on until you bring it back to center.

The Polaris Slingshot is a street legal vehicle, it is NOT an off-road vehicle. Keep the slingshot on paved street roads, if taken off-road and get it stuck there will be a $300 fee for rescue to get slingshot unstuck and towed if this were to occur it is possible deposit will be lost due to damages.

Any Speeding, red camera, tolls, and parking tickets are the responsibility of renter, in case that any of these occur and notice arrives past the return of the slingshot you are authorizing to charge to the credit card on file the fees.

Our Customer Service and Customer Experience isn’t rated the best in Central Florida for no reason. We have a very exclusive checklist we do with every customer that makes your experience one of a kind with the Slingshot Rentals Team


Rental time begins on the stipulated time (normally 2pm) for the daily rentals and ends upon the return of the vehicle to “Slingshot Rentals Orlando”. The daily rental rate is based on a 23-hour clock which begins at the time stipulated by “Slingshot Rentals Orlando”. The vehicle
needs to be returned at correct time because it needs to be ready for next rental, if not returned by the time on contract the late return fee is $100 per rental per hour, not to exceed the rate of a daily rate.

Weekly rental specials are calculated in the same manner. $100 dollar reservation deposit per day is required at time of reservation. This reservation deposit is non-refundable, if a reservation is canceled within 12 hours from the date and time of your scheduled pickup time, a
cancellation fee of 100% of a daily rental will be applied to your authorized credit card on file. 

Reserve your Polaris Slingshot hourly or daily online. Minimum of 4-hour booking required. Call 407-305-6757 if you would like assistance with a multiple day rental. 

Must obey all traffic signals and laws of the road. Slingshot Rentals Orlando reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


If you would like to keep your slingshot rental for an extended period of time then what you
reserved it for: make a request via phone to our office at 407-305-6757. For hourly rentals, a
request must be made within the first hour with a minimum extension of 2 hours. For daily
rentals, the request must be made by mid-day. Due to previous bookings, extensions are not
promised on your slingshot rental but if there is an available time we will be happy to extend
your reservation.